Baxters of Covehithe & South Cove

Covehithe & South Cove

Covehithe lies on the coast between Lowestoft and Southwold and was once a busy port until the sea erode the coast line and destroyed the harbour, market place and some of the village. The church is dedicated to St Andrew and was built in the fifteenth century. The church was badly damaged during the Civil War and became to large for the parishioners to maintain so in 1762 a smaller church was build in the nave of the original church reusing materials from the old.

South Cove lies two miles in land from Covehithe. It is so named to distinguish itself from North Cove. The church is dedicated to St Lawrence.

William Baxter (1722 - 1781)

William was the son of either William Baxter (of Reydon) and Mary Robson was born on 27th December 1722 and baptised the 13th May 1723 in Walpole Independent Chapel or he was the son of John Baxter and Anne Field baptised the 23rd December 1722 in Thorington. The village of Bramfield is adjacent to both the villages of Walpole and Thorington.


William married Frances Darby (c.1728 - 1793) on the 20th March 1748, Bramfield.


William and Frances had the following:

Baptized Name Comment Where
11 Feb 1749 Mary of William and France Baxter Parish church of South Cove
12 Aug 1752
24 Aug 1752
Sarah of William and France Baxter Parish church of South Cove
Wrentham Independent Chapel
12 Jan 1761 Deborah of William and France Baxter Parish church of South Cove
04 Sep 1763 Hannah of William and France Baxter Parish church of Covehithe
21 Jun 1766 William of William and France Baxter Parish church of Covehithe


South Cove St Lawrence

Buried Name Comment
22 Sep 1781 William Baxter  
26 Jul 1793 France Baxter Widow of William Baxter aged 65

Sarah Baxter (1752 - ?)


Sarah married George Nunn (1744 - 1811) possibly the son of Richard Nunn and Rebecca Aldis, 6th January 1773, St Matthew's Church Ipswich.

Hannah Baxter (1763 - 1846)


Hannah married George Grayston (c.1764 - 1836), possibly (currently I have no proof) the son of Samuel Grayston and Elizabeth Baxter, Elizabeth being the daughter of John and Elizabeth Baxter of Thorington. From the parish registers of Covehithe:

"George Grayston of this parish single man and Hannah Baxter of this parish single woman married in this church by banns this second day of February 1786 in the presence of Thomas Rix and Edward Helton."

William Baxter (1766 - 1846)


William married Maria Stern (d. 1840) From the parish registers of Wenhaston:

"William Baxter of this parish single man and Maria Stern of the same single woman married in this church by banns 15 May 1792 in the presence of Simon Goddard and Mary Goddard."

From what I can tell William and Maria had no children.


I found the following note in the parish register of Covehithe for 1796:

"On the 17th Jan. a person bring a paper (found in the Pocket Book of Robert Row formerly Clerk of Cove parish) declaring him to be William Baxter and Son of William Baxter and Fanny his wife & to have been privately baptised June 1st 1766 was received into the congregation of Covehithe."



Dwelling - Wrentham
Name Age Occupation Born in County
William Baxter 75 Ind Y
Lydia Roberts 20   Y
William Roberts 1   Y

William Baxter Roberts was baptized on the 07 Jun 1840, Wrentham, the son of Lydia Roberts. Lydia Roberts was the daughter of Samuel Roberts (1792 - 1876) and Lydia Blowers. This is the Samuel Roberts named in William's will below.


Directory Name Year Place Private / Commercial Name and Service
Suffolk History Gazetteer and Directory 1844 Wrentham Commercial Baxter Wm. Beerhouse



William appears twice in the tithe apportionments. Firstly he is recorded in 1840, South Cove as the occupier of between 1 and 20 acres which would consist of a small holding or larger house. Secondly he is recorded in 1841 Wrentham as the owner and occupier of less than 1 acre of land likely to consist of cottages, shops or gardens.


Newspaper Date Comment
The Ipswich Journal 1813
South Cove Association
Member Wrentham – William Baxter
The Ipswich Journal 1814 - 1819 South Cove Association
Member South Cove - William Baxter
The Ipswich Journal 10 Sep 1825
Notice to debtors and creditors
All persons having any claim or demand upon the estate and effects of the late Mr John Flemingham, of Blyford, deceased are requested immediately to deliver in an account thereof to Mrs Flemingham; of Blyford, his widow and executrix; to Mr Robt. Balls of Chediston; or to Mr William Baxter of South Cove, executors, and all persons who stood indebted to the said Mr John Flemingham, at the time of his decease, are requested to pay the same immediately to either of the above. September 8th 1825.
The Ipswich Journal 16 Dec 1826
To be sold by Auction
By Edward Sallows
On Monday 18th December, 1826.
 All the household furniture, stock in trade and other effects of Mr Wm Baxter clock and watch-maker, Wrentham; comprising 4 excellent feather beds and bedding, handsome 4-post bedsteads with chintz and other furniture, mahogany dining, tea, card and other tables, bureau, mahogany, bamboo and other chairs with elbows to match, three new 8-day clocks, mahogany cases, new dial in mahogany case, 8 day clock, wainscot case by Crisp, handsome corner cupboard, floor bedside and other carpets, looking glasses, crockery, kitchen and culinary requisites, several lots of ironmongery, all the clock and watch-making tools, and a variety of useful articles, which are fully expressed in catalogues, now in circulation.
The Auctioneer particularly recommends the above to the notice of his Friends and the public in general, being modern and nearly new within the last six months :  the whole to be sold without the least reservation, as Mr. B. has engaged another situation.
The Ipswich Journal 01 Mar 1828 & 08 Mar 1828
To creditors and debtors
William Mitchell, the younger, of Wrentham, in the County of Suffolk blacksmith, having by indenture bearing date the 25th day of February instant, assigns all his personal estate and effects to William Baxter, of Wrentham aforesaid, Gentleman and Samuel Howard of the same place merchant, in trust for the equal benefit of such of his creditors who shall have executed the same within three calendar months from the date thereof.
The Ipswich Journal 15 Mar 1828 & 22 Mar 1828
To Blacksmiths
To be let
With immediate Possession
An old-established shop now in full trade, with comfortable Dwelling House and other requisites attached, situated in Wrentham, Suffolk. Enquire personally of Mr William Baxter, Inn Keeper, South Cove.


Location Date Comment
Wrentham 29 August 1840
Norwich 29th Augt 1840
Dear sir,
I yesterday heard this my brother that it is no longer your wish to take transfer of your mortgage as prop{} in June last. You must however be aware that i have been taking several steps towards such a transfer, which I have incurred necessary expenses. My charge at present amounts to £2. 13. Beside nearly as much more due to Mr {Darnice} for an abstract, which will however be available in case of sale. Let me know what step you finally decide upon, with the least justifiable delay, that I may countermand my clients money.
I am
yours truly
J W Dowson*

* Joseph Withers Dowson (1793-1848), Solicitor, Agent to the Sun Fire Office, Bank Street, Norwich.

The Will of William Baxter

This is the last will and testament
of me William Baxter of Wrentham
In the County of Suffolk Beerhouse Keeper
Whereas at the time I took up money
in the mortgage of my real Estate at
Wrentham aforesaid my friend Samuel
Roberts of Wrentham aforesaid Carpenter
at my request joined me as a
surety to the mortgage for the payment
of the money so taken up to which
Said Samuel Roberts I also stand indebted
in the sum of one hundred and
fifty-three pound or thereabouts and
from whom I have received many acts
of friendship and kindness I do hereby
leave and bequest all my real
and personal estate unto the aforesaid
Samuel Roberts his heirs executors & administrators
and assigns according to the respective
indentures and tenures thereof and I
appoint the said Samuel Roberts sole
Executor of this my will hereby evoking
all other wills.  In witness who of
I have hereunto set my hand this
thirtifirst (sic) day of January in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and forty-six

William Baxter

Signed by the said William Baxter
the Testator as his last Will and
Testament in the presence of us both
present at the same time who in
his presence at his request and in
the presence of each other have hereunto
subscribed our names as witnesses

John Read Grocer of Wrentham
John Holmes Bricklayer of Wrentham


Wrentham St Nicholas

Buried Name Comment
18 Feb 1840 Maria Baxter Of Wrentham aged 62
17 Oct 1846 William Baxter Of Wrentham aged 80

Epitaph: Wrentham St Nicholas


Loving wife of WILLIAM BAXTER

Died 14th February 1840 aged 62


Died 12th October 1846 aged 80 years

What happened to the child of Joseph Baxter and Susan Cable of Covehithe?

Joseph Baxter (1793 - 1879)


Joseph married twice. His first wife was Mary Godard (1791 - 1854). From the parish register of Wrentham:

"Joseph Baxter of the parish of Covehithe single man and Mary Godard of this parish single woman married in this church by banns 1st December 1818 in the presence of John Godard and James Harvey."

Joseph's second wife was Emily Kent (1818 - 1896) the daughter of Simon Kent and Margaret Reeve.

Parish Church of St Giles, Norwich - 22 nd September, 1855
Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or profession Residence at the time of Marriage Father’s name and surname Rank or profession of father
Joseph Baxter full age Widower Labourer Covehithe, Suffolk Joseph Baxter Labourer
Emily Kent full age Spinster Dressmaker St Giles Simon Kent Labourer
In the presence of us: T Goldsmith and Sarah Goldsmith

As far as I can tell Joseph had no children.



Dwelling - Anchor Inn, Covehithe
Name Age Occupation Born in County
Joseph Baxter 40 Ag Lab Y
Mary Baxter 45   Y


Dwelling - Covehithe
Name Relationship Marital Status Age Occupation Where born
Joseph Baxter Head m 57 Farm labourer Benacre
Mary Baxter Wife m 60 School mistress Frostenden


Dwelling - Covehithe
Name Relationship Marital status Age Occupation Where born
Joseph Baxter Head m 67 Ag Lab Benacre
Emily Baxter Wife m 47   Covehithe


Dwelling - Covehithe
Name Relationship Marital status Age Occupation Where born
Joseph Baxter Head m 77 Ag Lab Benacre
Emily Baxter Wife m 52   Covehithe


Dwelling - Covehithe
Name Relationship Marital status Age Occupation Where born
Emily Baxter Head w 62 Annuitant Covehithe


Dwelling - Bagsley's Corner, Benhall
Name Relationship Marital status Age Occupation Where born
John Garret Head w 75 Retired Farmer Pettistree
Emily Baxter Housekeeper w 71   Covehithe


Joseph appears in the tithe apportionments of 1842 for Covehithe. He is recorded as the occupier of less than 1 acre of land likely to consist of cottages, shops or gardens.


Newspaper Date Comment
The Ipswich Journal 11 Jan 1896 Baxter - 3rd inst., Emily Baxter, of Benhall, late of Covehithe, aged 76 years.

Will Information

Joseph Baxter
Personal Estate under £200
20 May 1879.  The will of Joseph Baxter late of Covehithe in the County of Suffolk labourer who died 28 March 1879 at Covehithe was proved at Ipswich by Emily Baxter of Covehithe widow the Relict the sole Executrix.


Covehithe St Andrew

Buried Name Comment
06 May 1854 Mary Baxter Of Covehithe aged 63
02 Apr 1879 Joseph Baxter Of Covehithe aged 85

Benhall St Mary

Buried Name Comment
08 Jan 1896 Emily Baxter Of Benhall aged 76


Epitaph: Covehithe St Andrew

View gravestone

To the memory of


The beloved wife of JOSEPH BAXTER

Who died April 30 1854

Aged 63 years

Affliction sore long time I bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God did please to give me ease
And free me from my pain


View gravestone

To the affectionate remembrance of


Who departed this life

March 28 1879

Aged 88 years

He came to his grave in a full aged
Like as a shock of corn cometh in his season

What happened to the child of Joseph Baxter and Elizabeth Howlett of Covehithe?

John Baxter (1797 - 1797)


Henstead St Mary

Buried Name Comment
29 Nov 1797 John Baxter Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Baxter (late Howlett spinster) infant